Cardboard boxes are used for moving and storing items in safely, Packaging GB sell a full range of single wall and double wall cardboard boxes. For lighter items use the single wall, for the heavier items use the double wall boxes. When packaging an item in a box, if the item is breakable, consider packaging with void fill to fill the empty spaces in the box, this will help reduce damage occurring, seal closed with adhesive tape or hot melt glue gun. All of the cardboard boxes are supplied flat and made in the UK.

Cardboard postal boxes are suited for the smaller items that can be sent through the post. Offers extra protection when compared with postal bags and increased rigidity strength to help avoid breakages.

Bottle boxes offer a way to present bottles in, the boxes are made from cardboard which support the bottles to remain upright. The box offers increased presentation value, reduces breakages and as supplied flat pack take up limited storage space.